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Meet Garrett Burrow

Your Financial and Insurance Services Agent

Since 2017, Garrett Burrow has been helping and protecting people.  He knows that everyone's needs are different and creates specialized plans for all his clients.  He works with many agents and several insurance companies to ensure he can custom-tailor the best policies for each individual.  Drop him a line and start your ZERO-OBLIGATION, FREE CONSULTATION TODAY!

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Insurance Options to Protect You

Did You Know Life Insurance Can Do All This?!

Young Family

Protect Your Loved Ones

This is the primary and most important function of Life Insurance.  What if you weren't around tomorrow?  No one likes to think about this, but we never know what's around the bend.  How would this affect your spouse, your kids, your parents, and all those dearest to you?  With Life Insurance, you can remove this worry from your life.  You already have enough to worry about.  Life Insurance gives you a way to provide security and stability to your family, even when you're gone.
Mortgage payments? No problem
College Tuition?  Covered
The bills are all paid and you can rest easy knowing your family won't struggle if you're not there to contribute.

Dollar Bill in Jar

Create Retirement Income

Did you know that in addition to the benefits paid to your loved ones, some Life Insurance actually accrues a cash value IN YOUR LIFETIME?  That's right.  YOU can tap into that money while you're alive.  Life Insurance not only protects your loved ones, but it can be a great way to round out a retirement portfolio!  It's a win-win!

College Campus

College Planning

Properly designed, Life Insurance will not only protect your family, but it can be used as a tool to fund your child's college years.  This option is great for forward-thinking families with small children.  By the time your children reach college age, you can access funds from within your policy to help offset expensive tuition costs!  And there are other benefits not associated with more traditional college funding plans!  Let me tell you more!

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Legacy/Estate Planning

No estate is too large or too small for Life Insurance.  If your estate is small, Life Insurance allows your loved ones to emerge debt-free.  If your estate is large, Life Insurance mitigates some of the taxes your heirs may incur.  Either way, you'll have the peace of mind knowing that your heirs are in good hands!

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A Bit About GB

Who is this guy, anyway?

Garrett Burrow is a double-major graduate of The University of California, Berkeley, holding a B.A. in Philosophy and a B.A. in Linguistics.  He spends his spare time in his library at home, or out in nature.  He is an avid traveler and even made it down to Antarctica!!  Before plunging into the world of insurance, Garrett ran and managed a bar for over a decade.  He's accustomed to meeting people from all walks of life...and he makes a mean drink.  Come on down and say hello!

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